Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reforge it like a boss

Alright I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, but I'm going to go ahead and lay down a quick post on what you should be doing with reforging.

If you're starting out you probably want to avoid reforging too much too quicky. I'd say for every piece of armor over 200 you should reforge all the haste into mastery. That will get you started. When you get up to the higher gear pieces like at least 4 set T10, then you might as well shift all your crit into mastery as well.

Mastery for bear druids is huge. Right now it works as improving Savage defense.

Savage Defense: Crits have a 50% chance to cause you to gain a bubble-like effect that absorbs damage equal to X% of your attack power. Mastery improves X. 

So what starts out being 65% of your base attack power can be turned into 100%+.

Well geez Claw that doesn't seem like it does too much

AHA! But here's another ability that all tanks got in patch 4.0.1

Vengeance: Everytime someone damages you, 5% of the damage will be turned into attack power for you.(Up to 10% of your maximum health pool)

Whaaaaaat that's crazy talk!

Exactly, So let's look at an example in ICC
I have 7k AP in bear form in ICC
115% savage defense through mastery
85k base health

ME(I'm a bear)   Angry mob(He gon kill me)

ME            Angry mob
85k health            40k swing
45k health                  ---               I just gained 2250 AP and the healers healed me up.
85k health            40k swing
45k health                  ---               I just gained another 2250 AP the healers healed me up and I crit!
85k health            40k swing      
62k health

The math behind it was: 11500 AP * 1.15  = 13225 * 0.30(ICC absorb buff) = 17193

So yes, that's not the highest it will go, but it's average. The max AP I can get is 16500 so if you'd like to do the math yourself just use this formula.

(Your AP + Vengence AP) * (Savage Defense in decimal form) = Y(savage defense bubble)

If you're in ICC then: Y * 0.30 = Z(New Savage defense bubble)

Now the neat thing about this, is that with Frenzied Regeneration you get 30% more health. That means more attack power through vengeance and thus more mitigation. Frenzied regeneration just gives so many different buffs it's crazy. You get 30% more health, more healing done to you, more attack power through vengeance, and more mitigation through Savage defense. 

Well as I look back on this post I can see that it was not short. I apologize and I'll try to make shorter posts from now on. If anyone has any suggestions for what they'd like me to talk about go ahead and leave a comment. I'll try my best to reply to everyone. 

P.S. I'm not using some hidden color key with all the colors, I just don't want the post to look bland and stupid. Although once in awhile I will match colors for certain things like the formula and the color of the health.

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