Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off Spec Schmoff Spec

Ok, I have had a dilemma with my offspec recently. I've jumped between Cat, moonkin, and tree more times than they have nerfed paladins. I feel like it should be easy to make this decision!

I should go Cat because the gear is the same!...but the gems are different
I should go Tree because it's fun!...But when will a group not need a tank and need another healer?
I'll go Boomkin and kill everything! But I suck at caster DPS

So I thought long an hard about it. It took me awhile to get a good grasp on what I was thinking. I eventually came to a conclusion.

All of them.

It decided I would make a set for each spec and play them all. This way I will never get extremely bored of one thing and it keeps more interested in the game. I saw a quote somewhere that I feel every druid should live by.

"Why am I a druid? So that I can let any person in the raid know that I'm only 5 seconds away from being better at their job than they are"

Perfection never sounded so cool.


  1. Personally I plan on being bear as primary and boomkin for offspec. That way I can have two distinct sets rather than 2 differently gemmed feral sets. And when the time comes to change I could just reforge/regem to cat or tree. Should be pretty decent save for the lack of set bonuses.

  2. I did exactly this in WOTLK.. I have a set for all 4 specs on my main. I have even done Tank/Heal/DPS 12/12 and 11/12HM. I say more power to the player who enjoys the only true hero class in game. :)